3.2 Personal Access Networks (PAN)

3.2 What is PAN (Personal Area Network)?

PAN is a computer network formed around a person. It generally consists of a computer, mobile, or personal digital assistant. PAN can be used for establishing communication among these personal devices for connecting to a digital network and the internet.

Characteristics of PAN

  • It is mostly personal devices network equipped within a limited area.
  • Allows you to handle the interconnection of IT devices at the surrounding of a single user.
  • PAN includes mobile devices, tablet, and laptop.
  • It can be wirelessly connected to the internet called WPAN.
  • Appliances use for PAN: cordless mice, keyboards, and Bluetooth systems.

Advantages of PAN

Here, are important pros/benefits of using PAN network:

  • PAN networks are relatively secure and safe
  • It offers only short-range solution up to ten meters
  • Strictly restricted to a small area

Disadvantages of PAN

Here are important cons/ drawback of using PAN network:

  • It may establish a bad connection to other networks at the same radio bands.
  • Distance limits.